How To Play Blackjack (The Ultimate Beginners Guide)

Published on October 9, 2018

Without a doubt, there is something cool about playing cards. And one game in particular that stands out is Blackjack. Why? Because it is the most widely played card game in the world. And in this article, we are going to teach you how to play Blackjack. You are going to be able to impress […]

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Singapore Pools – The Complete Guide

Published on August 16, 2018

Singapore Pools is a state-backed company that is the only legalized form of lottery available in Singapore. It was established in 1968 as a way of curbing illegal Gambling and at its heart is a mission to encourage and monitor responsible gambling. Before the Singapore Pools came into existence gambling in Singapore had become a huge problem. In 1960 the Singapore government decided to go to war on illegal gambling and passed what was known as the Betting Act.

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